What I do

Magnusmade started in 2011 as my website for creative projects and all things that allow me to achieve greatness. The focus for this web destination is travel, food, writing, reading and drink. I typically post about my writing, travels, occasional cooking experiments, and even cocktail research — I’m teaching myself to mix a good drink. I also blog about my experience in writing and promoting my debut novel The Love Fool: writing, revising, editing, getting it published, and now, publicity.

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Freelance Articles

I provide content related to food, travel and modern culture.

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What I write about

I have a passion for European travel, food and culture. The majority of my writing is focused on modern Italian culture mixed with classic or timeless traditions. The main topics I cover include food, cocktails, places, and interviews. My writings typically incorporate historical content that relate to a culture’s modern life. I try to narrow a global perspective down to a local level with the intent to immerse the reader to understand and experience the local culture, both modern and timeless.

Many elements of my modern culture focus is included in my debut novel The Love Fool. The story takes place in modern Rome, allowing the reader to experience the day to day culture of the city’s vibrant life.


What I’m working on now


Previous work

  • In 2011, I lived in Rome, working on researching and writing about local food and culture, both modern and classic.
  • It was during this time I had also written The Love Fool.



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