Adventures in Rome

In 2011, I spent four months in Rome exploring the enchanting city and experiencing what truly was la dolce vita. And it was the period in my life when I wrote my forthcoming novel The Love Fool (A Rome-antic Comedy) — coming soon via Inkshares.


About my 2011 Autumn Rome Adventure

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[Dec 2011] — My Autumn Adventures in Rome has come to an end. Although I posted mainly about the foods I ate, I did explore many other aspects of Rome: neighborhoods, people, culture, museums and life.

In addition to my experiences, I shared some music that was popular on the Italian radio charts during this time (and which, I contently whistled to myself as I strolled the streets of Rome).

In the beginning, I did run into the typical hiccups of moving to a new place: apartment search, solitude and acclimation – small incidents that made me doubt my decision to drop my normal life and move to Rome. In the end, I am 100% happy I allowed myself to have such a wonderful experience.

I am fortunate I was able to accomplish this and take the time to give myself an escape from day-to-day life. I completed a part time consulting job in food tourism (you will see some posts on the food blog I started for When In Rome Tours), started writing a fiction book (and gathered tons of research to complete it: read more about THE LOVE FOOL here), spent quality time with relatives (including a lot of time with my father, which I rarely get the chance to do), and met many new people and many new friends that I know I will keep for a very long time. And, I was fortunate to witness first hand, the much celebrated departure of the country’s shamelessly scandalous Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi – first elected about 18 years ago.

Those of you that have followed my adventures on this blog, Twitter, and Instagram  have read about my tour at a specialty chocolate factory, or when I experienced traditional flavors through an exclusive modern gourmet meal, or discovered enchanting areas like the Park of Monsters, Villa Borghese and the legends of the Witches in Benevento (one of the most popular posts from this adventure).

In case you weren’t able to follow along, at the end of this write-up there will be links to each blog post from this Roman adventure. Please take the time to read about (or revisit) the places I visited and the foods I tasted. Warning: Many of these posts will make you hungry. Comments are encouraged.

As usual, I also had odd experiences: I was approached to possibly co-host a travel series (which fell through), I avoided the droppings from the month-long million-bird invasion in Trastevere (although I did witness ballet-like murmurations now and then), and was taken for a Spaniard everywhere I went (which I took as a compliment, of course, as the Spanish are known to be beautiful people – ha!!!).

Seriously though, I learned so much about regional foods, cooking, flavors and traditions of Lazio and more. Someday, I wish to travel all of Italy with fork in hand, exploring each region through its culture, traditions and culinary specialties.

In addition to running around and eating everything in site, I also took the time to think about life. In fact, many times I thought about Fellini’s Roman masterpiece La Dolce Vita and often found myself relating to the main character Marcello, whom was constantly trying to figure out what kind of life he wanted to lead. Like Marcello, I now know what it is I don’t want in life… (and many of you know, I probably still have no idea what it is that I want. Baby steps, people, baby steps.) So, I now return to the USA refreshed, re-energized, awakened and reborn.

And I am thankful for the increase in subscribers and followers of my blog. I encourage you to check back here for more info on upcoming adventures, my kitchen trials (and disasters), Italian music, culture and more. Something to look forward to: I will attempt to recreate Italy’s regional dishes right in my very own kitchen – of course, I’ll have a soundtrack as I do this. In addition, I’m bringing home some delicious cocktail and aperitivo ideas – perfect for hosting my own Italian Happy Hour.

I thank you all for your support, encouragement and excitement; and I look forward to returning home to hug my family and friends.

With much love,

Lorenzo il Magnifico


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