And The Second Draft Begins

So, I got my first round of feedback from my first two beta-readers. They kindly took their time to make notes, question incidences & motives and gave me general thoughts.

Fortunately, I predicted some spots where there could have been confusion in my story. Thanks to them, it was confirmed – so I can go back in to elaborate. At the same time, they pointed some some other areas (those areas that didn’t phase me – being so close to the story) that they wished I explained further.

In addition, I was intrigued to learn which characters they liked the most and what scenes stuck with them. Some of the characters of which, I didn’t even think would be considered much, actually resonated with my readers. That was interesting. And it makes me think it’s OK to add more interactions with these minor characters.

What was also good to learn, was the specific points in the story that my readers did request for more background. Topics that I – one so close to the story – would never have thought about until an outsider pointed it out.

I also pitched some additions and changes I thought about while away from the story – it was good to get the instant feedback and how it would change many aspects of the story that they wouldn’t want changed. Especially regarding one of my minor characters that they want untouched!

Did they not like anything? Of course, and that helps me go back in and describe or elaborate – show why it was important to make certain things happen – even if the reader didn’t like it. Who knows? Maybe in the end – as I work on the revision/edits – I may remove them all together.

So, I’m off to work on the second draft! In approaching this step, I’ve been researching methods and asking friends. Some websites suggest going into my first draft and inputting the necessary changes. One site boldly suggested to try and rewrite the whole book from scratch. Interesting challenge, but could be difficult to perform.

I’ll be sure to share  the method in my next post on this topic. In the meantime, feel free to share your suggestions on how to approach the revision process.

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