Consider the Consequence

img_8865I admit it. I stepped away from my editing for quite some time. Procrastination has gotten the best of me. But I won’t fret. As I sit here at my computer, my eyes peer slightly to the left and notice the printed manuscript – with all the editing notes – peering back at me; taunting me to get back to work. ‘Cut me some slack,’ I think back to it. Then realize I’m trying to converse with an inanimate object.

One of the main issues in the editor’s feedback is: consequence. That I should share with my reader the consequences of situations in my story. What if my character doesn’t do this; or what if he does that. What happens? What is the result? What is at stake? And on, and on, and on.

I have to say – that is some very good advice for any story. If the reader doesn’t understand what’s at stake, the reader will not be as invested as the writer (me).

In addition, I can put this knowledge towards this whole project itself. If I don’t complete the edits, this book may not be released, and all that work would have gone to nothing. Now, I can’t allow that to happen, can I? Consider this post a way of telling myself that it is time to go back to ‘The Love Fool’.

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