Copenhagen Tasting Agenda

Copenhagen-forkI am a firm believer of following the wind when traveling, and let the experience guide me. However, one should never ignorantly and foolishly step into a place without some research and goals – you’ll never know what you may miss. Although I am visiting a local, I’ve done my research and put together a “schedule”; which I consider to be more of a guideline; which, of course, is always established by my fork.

This trip will include a traditional home cooked Danish dinner by my friend Pernille including a local beer tasting. Also, I plan to taste my way through Copenhagen’s neighborhoods including Nørrebro, Inder By, Nyhavn and Vesterbro. And, I’m looking forward to a delicious stroll through the Torvehallerne (food market).

In addition to traditional farm-to-table dining, I plan to experience some of the modern cuisine of the New Nordic Food Movement; of which this area has become known. I do have some specific items on my list to taste, but I’m sure there will be a lot more to discover – so I’m leaving that to my fork, my nose and the wind.

If all goes well, I will make it to Copenhagen on Saturday and I will fulfill my tasting agenda.

Of course, this trip is inspired by watching New Scandinavian Cooking.

ALSO: After my little excursion to Copenhagen, I will be heading to Italy and revisiting Rome. Follow my feed.

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