Destination: Copenhagen 2013

tasting-copenhagenThis September, I’ll be making a quick stop in the cool city of Copenhagen. On my brief visit, I’ll be seeing my friend Pernille: a local Dane whom I met during my study abroad in Milan in ’96. At the time, I was just a mere young lad experiencing Milan with my fellow students and Pernille was the sexy Danish nanny that hung around with us; enhancing our outings.

It has been many years since I’ve seen Pernille. The last time was probably in the late 90’s or so, when she came to the USA at the wedding of one of our fellow students Jenny. Or was it Alyssa’s wedding? Since then, Pernille also got married and started a family. I foolishly missed this wedding; which, as Pernille kept telling me, was full of beautiful Scandinavian women eager to meet me. Well, one can only kick himself in the butt for so long. Finally, it’s time I fulfill my promise to visit Pernille’s home country and maybe meet some of her friends. ;)

In addition, I’m especially looking forward to experiencing Denmark’s food offerings. During my time working in publicity for public television shows, my first project was to promote New Scandinavian Cooking – the world-renowned TV series. I was immediately intrigued by the foods and culture of Scandinavia. (Yes, of course the hosts are incredibly gorgeous, but let that be the tall blonde elephant in the room strutting around as I talk about the food.) Finally, I’ll get to taste some of those Scandinavian delicacies up close and personal. Of course I will share it all with you. For now, I must commence my research. Recommendations are always welcome!

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  1. So fun that you get to see Pernille, I so wish I could have made her wedding too, but it just wasn’t possible. Last time we all saw her was May 2003, at Alyssa’s wedding. She has a little boy now too, can’t wait to hear all about your trip and your catching up with her. Viva Pazzi Milanese!

  2. Yes, May 2003!! Way too long since we have all reunited. Give Pernille a big hug from us and can’t wait to follow your travels here!

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