Exploring the Torvehallerne for the Flødeboller

Flødeboller from Summerbird – Copenhagen

One morning in Copenhagen, I decided to stroll through the popular Torvehallerne (food market). Mainly, I was in search of the stall for the popular chocolatier Summerbird and its cream bun called the flødeboller.

I heard that the flødeboller was a classic Danish treat, first created in Denmark in the 1800s. Sure, flødeboller can be found in many bakeries and grocery shops, but I was informed that gourmet chocolatier Summerbird makes the most delicious cream buns in town. And so the hunt began.

As you can see from the photo above, flødeboller contain a base of wafer cookie (or marzipan), topped with meringue and dipped in a thin coating of dark chocolate. Summerbird’s signature is the use of marzipan cookie. The result: a fluffy, rich delight that incorporated flavors of sweet, tang and chocolaty goodness.

Of course, I could have just visited Summerbird’s shop in Indy By, but because I wanted to explore the food market, I thought: why not take care of 2 birds with one stone? Torvehallerne is an interior market of food stalls spread into two glass buildings. The market contains butchers, fish mongers, bakers and grocers. In addition, there are stalls of eateries offering a variety of foods like porridge, smørrebrød, pastries and chocolates.

After strolling around the markets, I made a bee-line straight to Summerbird’s stall. There I admired the delicious display of their popular flødeboller, containing an assortment including the classic dark chocolate coated vanilla meringue and the white chocolate coated black current flavored [both pictured].

Recreating this treat may be an ordeal, but I will attempt it at some point. In the meantime, I’ll have to pretend to eat flødeboller with the locally available Mallomar (Nabisco USA). I know: It’s no where near to the Danish treat; but if I close my eyes, I can pretend I’m back at the Torvehallerne scoffing down the fluffy treat.

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