Gialle & Co. – Baked Potato Italian-style

[Milan] – Located not far from the Moscova metro stop, is Gialle & Co. – a cozy eatery that focuses on baked potatoes with a modern Italian twist. When I first read about Gialle & Co, I was immediately intrigued and put it on the top of my list of places to visit.

The concept: A basic baked potato as we know it, without the butter, sour cream, chives or bacon. Instead, Gialle & Co. tops their baked potatoes with Italian flavors inspired by the country’s classic flavors and dishes. For example, Mortacci Yours – a word play on the Roman insult mortacci tua (meaning: your despicable dead) – is topped with guanciale, egg cream and pecorino – the features of one of Rome’s classic dishes La Carbonara.

Who’d a thunk a baked potato as a great substitute for pasta? One order will definitely fill you up like a plate of the classic dish.

I opted to try the Mini Gialle – which are mini potatoes, allowing for tasting a variety of flavors. These mini baked were cleverly served in egg cartons, which was both aesthetic and practical. The egg slots held each mini potato upright, preventing any spillage.

Pictured above are our Mini Gialle selections including: Dr. Salmon & Mr. Butter, Stracciami di Kisses, Yellowissima. The bottom carton contains Mad Dracula, Crudelicious, and the Mortacci Yours (as described above). Six Mini Gialle were a perfect size for two at lunch – leaving us both satisfied and the food is not as heavy as one might think.

Gialle & Co’s interior décor is a modern cozy spot featuring wood accents and a gorgeous yellow neon phrase on the far wall that reminds its patrons that Italians Bake it Better. I may be biased but, it’s true – we sure do.

  • Gialle & Co. – via Volta, 12

RECIPE: Italian Jacket Baked Potato.

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