GIOLINA: Quality Pizza and Craft Cocktails

[MILAN]Giolina is a sleek, yet casual establishment that focuses on pizzas made from high quality and local ingredients, and a side of delectable cocktails.

A friend had suggested we visit and strongly advised us to get a cocktail while we wait. So, we decided to arrive a half hour earlier than our reservation. Fortunately, it was early enough that the bar area was empty. We sat and were immediately treated to a shot of bitter – to prepare our plate for the pizza later. This welcome drink contained Giolina’s version of a beautiful balanced bitter red Americano – which happens to be one of my favorite aperitivo cocktails.

Giolina’s cocktail list had been carefully curated with the assistance of the talented guys at MAG – my favorite locale in Milan, so I already knew we were in good hands.

I ordered the Gasperin [pictured]: made with Cynar, Campari, Martelletti vermouth; served in a rocks glass, rim coated with black salt, garnished with a cucumber slice and a green olive. Barman Mattia mixed the ruby cocktail with elegant precision and a confident smirk, delivering an incredibly well-balanced Negroni with a Margarita touch.

Soon, we were lead to our table – located at the other end of the long room, giving us the perfect view of the kitchen. Through the opening we had full display of the three pizzamen stretching dough, dressing the discs, and carefully sliding them into the brick oven.

The pizzas have a gorgeous crust like a puffy crown that encircled toppings of purely fresh super-quality ingredients – and yes, you can definitely taste it.

For example, I started with the Tri [pictured]: The coating of rich red tomato puree was made with the rare Corbarino cherry tomato, topped with dollops of DOP acclaimed buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region, and a sprinkle of Sarawak black pepper. Drizzled on top with Monini monocultivar extra virgin olive oil made with the pulp of Coratina olives. Finally, fresh basil leaves gently placed to finish the flavor. This is a Margherita-style pizza with elegance and class – a perfect accompaniment to Mattia’s fantastic cocktail. (I was a slow sipper that night.)

  • Giolina – via Bellotti, 6 (Porta Venezia)

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