MILAN: A Corner Gin Bar

After blurring my eyes with visions of risque contemporary art at Fondazione Prada, it was time for a refreshing aperitivo.

[November 2017] – Evening. Back to Porta Garibaldi or the Isola district, we sought out an aperitivo at The Botanical Gin Club on via Pastrengo.

The Botanical Gin Club opened in 2015 as Milan’s first Italian small batch gin distillery. In fact, the takeaway from this Milan trip would be that the modern cocktail culture in Milan (and Italy) is honoring or reviving small batch spirits and liqueurs.

Upon walking in through the bistro-style double doors, one enters a dimly lit corner room surrounded by lush green plants. Mirrored shelves or cabinets glow in a soft light displaying various colored bottles behind an art deco-style bar.

Botanical Club stocks an amazing collection of gins from around the globe – including their own top-notch small batch botanicals. In addition to craft cocktails, there is a separate room for the bar’s gourmet tapas style bistro.

I sat at one of the high top tables in the bar area and opted for a basic gin and tonic. I wanted to fully capture the taste of their house made gins.

The ice filled highball glass came to me with the gin already poured. It was accompanied by a bottle of locally made tonic water and a variety of quality happy hour snacks. The drink was refreshing, as represented by the look of the space; and the snacks were rich and delicious.

I’m happy to say that the Botanical Club gin+tonic was a satisfying end to my Milan Cocktail Notes.

On my next and final post, I conclude this series with some Milanese nostalgia and rediscovery.

  • The Botanical Gin Club (Pastrengo)Via Pastrengo, 11, 20159 Milano  
  • A second location can be found on via Tortona in the Navigli district.

 [NEXT: Nostalgia and rediscovery.]

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