My Birthday: Sorting The Cards

tarot-cardsToday marks my 39th birthday. Yup – the last of the amazing 30s.

To start, I will, as always, raise my glass to wish a very merry birthday to fellow birthday boy, England’s Prince Charles. So, the media makes him out to be a flub, but reading about his legacy thus far, he’s actually a sort-of pioneer, and the poor guy’s life revolved around a throne on which he has still yet to sit – and probably will only sit on it for very little time, if at all. So, cheers to you my prince – sometimes, we do draw the wrong card. ;)

But what to do with the cards in your hand? Make the best of it. This is why, every year, I start my birthday evaluating my life, accomplishments, failures and successes (ie, my cards) and map out my goals for the coming year. At 39, my cards tell me it will be the year of publishing (the goal of the year). Yes – I’m done with constantly re-editing this book before someone professional takes a look at it. I mean, one can re-edit his own work until death, right? I will be closing the book from myself. I promised me that the book must be ready within the month. Ready to share with said professionals and ready to hear the rejections or interests; which, I understand, could take a long time. Don’t wish me luck yet – not until I actually send this sucker out. To Be Announced. It will happen. I promise.

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