NAPLES: Palazzo Petrucci

Traditional Napolitan dishes with a modern flair

Mullet fish wrapped in zucchini flower.

Located on a private beach in Naples’ Posillipo Bay, Palazzo Petrucci is an exclusive Michelin star restaurant that also offers a stunning view.

Petrucci’s elegant space takes up four floors – each serving a separate purpose: a lounge, a function room, the restaurant, and the wine cellar. Each floor is built with a full wall of glass that exposes an incredible view of the bay and across to the Sorrento Coast, the island of Capri, and, of course, the ominous Mt. Vesuvius.

The restaurant is known for its gourmet cuisine and imaginative modern twists on local dishes. Neopolitan chef, Lino Scarallo focuses on fresh using locally sourced quality ingredients from the sea and Campania region.

Palazzo Petrucci earned its first Michelin star in 2008, becoming the first starred restaurant in Naples.

Amuse-bouche with sparkling wine and an incredible view.

It is very important to note that reservations are highly suggested as this place books up quite frequently. When approaching the entrance, a bouncer greets patrons, checks his list, then calls the glass elevator to take patrons down to correlated floor.

The first stop: Palazzo Petrucci’s lounge – serving amuse bouche snacks with an array of wines – a selection of more than 600 international labels. The following floor is the function room, allowing for very large private parties. The main attraction, though, is the dining room, located on the lower level – just above the massive wine cellar.

Lasagnetta of buffalo mozzarella and Sicilian shrimp

As patrons check in with the host, the open kitchen allows for a glimpse of the staff creating culinary elegance on a plate.

I had the luxury of sitting for an exclusive chef’s tasting, menu as listed below. Each incredible creation whipped together by Chef Scarallo and his talented team, and accompanied by a wine poured by one of Pertucci’s knowledgeable sommeliers.

Below is a list of what was beautifully presented to me:

  • Amuse-Bouche with sparkling wine
  • Lasagnetta: locally made buffalo mozzarella and Sicilian shrimp
  • Smoked eel on tomato purée
  • Squid with peas on mandarin orange cream
  • Fennel soup with star anise and cuttlefish
  • Mullet fish wrapped in zucchini flower
  • Pallete cleanser lollipop filled with passion fruit juice
  • Dessert of white chocolate mousse, topped with hazelnuts
  • Assorted mini dessert plate

Palazzo Petrucci is easy to get to by taxi. On the street all you see is a white wall with a clearly marked gated entrance.

Palazzo Petrucci – via Posillipo, 16 C, 80123 Napoli  

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