IMG_6797.JPGHello readers,
As you can tell from my previous post, I finally completed my manuscript for my first novel.

I wrote the first half while living in Rome in 2011, and completed it upon my return. Having a day job, working full time, made this process much longer than I anticipated. During the while, I had two different stages of beta readers provide me feedback; allowing always to improve my story. In the end, I’m happy that it is finally complete.

So, after several revisions, edits and rearranging, I finally completed a manuscript that is ready to be reviewed by professionals in the industry. Yes, my next step is to submit the book to literary agents or publishers. But first, I need to prepare a summary or synopsis to send with my inquiry.

From what I gather in my research, the synopsis informs a literary agent or publisher the type of book I have written and describes the genre, characters and events. So what is included in a synopsis? Apparently I must start off with a brief summary (50-75 words). Followed by a detailed synopsis (400-500 words) explaining how the story unfolds, highlights, dramatic turning points, and basically share what is interesting. I should also describe my main character and his/her journey. And include some insight on the secondary characters that are important to the main character’s story.

I’m excited to actually arrive to this next step.

To be continued…

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