On Romantic Connections

So, based on the feedback by my beta-readers, I am adding more ‘love’ to my story. No, my book is not a romance novel -ha!- but  of course, one of its main elements is love… Whether it be books, stories, music and poems, isn’t that the main muse for all writing?

I personally find it difficult to express, through words, how two people truly connect romantically. That initial spark is so important in a story of two protagonists that will go through so much tension later in life. Like a divorced couple, or recent break-up, we all know that at one point in life the two perpetrators were in love. But how does one recreate that unexplained connection of two people upon first meeting each other?

That spark – that connection – is just too invisible to explain, I think. Sure, many well-experienced and talented writers have written about this moment in a couple’s life, but has anyone really captured that immense feeling you get when you first fall in love? (or think you do)?

Of course, the difficult part is trying to explain it without sounding erotic… I mean, from a man’s point, I would stay it always starts there. And it could sometimes read perverted and inappropriate. I know most guys would understand the thoughts, but I also know it could take away the romance from a story… or would it?

I have written alternate versions of the romantic sparks between my two main characters (from tame to erotic), but I don’t know what version will ultimately end up in the book by the time it is/if published. Of course, if I ever have to, I will eventually share these versions. But for now, I’ll keep them to myself. Sorry guys, I can’t give all my story away… besides, I need some material for promoting the book later! Ha! To be determined…

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