One last tweak: to reflect

reflectRevisions never stop. It’s up to me, “the writer” to decide, enough is enough. I must walk away and hand it over to a professional… or at least find/convince a professional to represent this project. OK, OK, I got it… after this final revision, I will find that pro. I promise this to myself.

After staying away from my manuscript for several months, I decided I wanted to revise the story, one last time, and make it a first person narrative. A way to give the reader a feeling of someone reflecting on events from his life (mine); which, although fictionalized, this story does derive.

I promise, it will be my last revision until the pro/agent/mystery person tells me to change it again. This would be my third revision of my story. Yes, I realize one can keep revising to no end. Yes, I know it is time I have it reviewed by a professional. Yes, I know I’m making many promises in this post. Yes, I am frightened by all this. But, I also know that it has to be seen and critiqued by someone who knows.

Patience, my followers. It will happen.

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