One of the Best Savory Pies in the Cotswolds

eight-bellsWith my last post proclaiming my love for pasties, I shamelessly revealed my guilty adoration for piecrust. Anytime I sense the aroma of warm baked crust, I just need it. I want it. I just can’t resist the warm flakiness of it. And here is my second – and favorite – love affair with a British pie.

So, another day in the beautiful Cotswolds took us to Chipping Campden – an adorable village with more thatched roof cottages and brown stoned buildings. As we drove around looking for a pub and a parking spot, I noticed an interesting metal sign hanging out from the building. From it, hung eight brass bells in a row – in order from large to small. A clever mark for a pub simply called The Eight Bells. Somehow, we just knew that The Eight Bells would be a hit. We parked the car and popped on in.

Immediately, we ordered two locally made, cask conditioned ales. I am LOVING this cask conditioned ale thing, by the way. Mission: When home, I need to find somewhere close to home that offers cask conditioned ales. To be continued.

I enjoyed the smooth amber ale as I looked over the Eight Bells food menu. Instantly, I went for the pie! This one was chicken and leek – I love leeks.

The dish was served. A beautiful thick, triangular slice of pie with a side of warm peas and potatoes. The aroma seduced its way into my nostrils and created a soothing smile upon my face. As I took my fork and stabbed the seductress, the crust flaked and slightly crumbled into the warm, gravy deliciousness within. I shoveled the juicy bit of chicken, leek and some crispy crust onto the fork and into my mouth. It was pure heaven.

By far, this was the BEST pie I’ve had on this trip. I still remember this pie. And I want it again. Mission: Recreate this pie crust to perfection and then I can know my life has been fulfilled.

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  1. It was the sauce – that SAUCE! If you crack the secret to that delicious gravy, I’ll set up camp in your kitchen. Yummmmmmm

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