Planning My TLF Publicity Strategy

Today was another day of publicity research for my upcoming debut novel The Love Fool (A Rome-antic Comedy). I focused on making a spreadsheet listing contacts at publications, blogs, podcasts and book-related websites that I would potentially contact for the opportunity to have my book reviewed or even just written about.
As an indie author, this may be a difficult task; well, I suppose it will most likely be very difficult to get people to write about me. I mean, after all, who am I? Just another guy how wrote another random book. Right? I know, I know: ‘Don’t go into it with a negative attitude.’ I’m not. I’m going into this with realistic goals. I know I won’t be written up in the New York Times. Stop it – I know this and so do you; there’s no need to be delusional about it.

So, I have to think: Where could some newbie like me get coverage? Me, with no background in writing, no other publication out there, no known name that anyone would want to read about. Why me? That’s the first question to answer. Once I answer that, I will know how to approach anyone I put on my serious potential publications, etc. that would write about me.

All I’m saying is: I’ve got to be real about this; not delusional. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Reach for the stars. Blah, blah, blah. Of course, of course. But, I’m being realistic and just lining up all my serious targets for now. And once I have a solid release date – which I’m hoping to this fall – I will have to shoot out to those targets; bam, bam, bam.

Will I exclude the big guys? Not necessarily. But, I’m not going to count on being in the big places. If by luck I happen to get in one, it would be the most amazing bonus.

To be continued…


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