Puddings in the Peak District – Part 2

Bakewell Pudding
Bakewell Pudding

Our first morning in Derbyshire, the Peak District. I awoke in our quaint cottage and decided to utilize our treasured finds from the night before. As the coffee was seeping in the French press, I sliced the homemade bread and popped it in the toaster. On the stove, I dropped a couple nobs of local, rich butter and poured in the lightly whipped eggs for a delicious scrambled breakfast.

Soon after, we set off to visit the village of Bakewell – the home of the famous Bakewell Tart, but more importantly, the Bakewell Pudding.

Bakewell Tart
Bakewell Tart

The Bakewell tart is one of England’s famous desserts, and can be found in restaurants throughout the country. It consists of a shortbread crust containing raspberry jam, layered with icing and a cherry on top. The icing made it very sweet, but the tart raspberry managed to keep it tame.

The Bakewell Pudding, however, is a different story. We visited the Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop – one of the two establishments that claim to be the birthplace of the treat.

Old Bakewell Pudding Shop

The ‘pudding’ (which, is a tart, but it’s not called a tart) has a flaky pastry crust, layered with raspberry jam, which is topped with a egg and almond custard. This dessert comes with a couple of legends to its origin… so, of course I had to go out and make my way to taste it.

Bakewell Pudding 2I grabbed my fork and cut into the flaky crust and rich eggy custard. The flavor had the sweetness of almond, but not too sweet, accompanied by the tart flavor of raspberries. It was definitely worth the excursion.



NEXT: I return to the little bakery in Tideswell and discover biscuits that are a local specialty.


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