Quality Panettone Made In U.S.A.

This past holiday season, I ordered a panettone from From Roy. And I was glad I did. This panettone was absolutely incredible.

Growing up as an Italian-American, we always had panettone for the holidays. Whether we purchased one ourselves, or it was gifted to us, we always enjoyed a slice of the traditional treat with our coffee. The problem was, in USA, it was hard to come by getting a freshly made panettone.

Then I heard about From Roy’s panettone. I just knew I had to try it – no matter the cost.

I opted for the limited edition chocolate orange panettone made in collaboration with Giada Delaurentiis. Unfortunately, the delivery was tardy, but eventually my panettone had come to me – thanks to From Roy’s awesome customer service. I hoped for something amazing – and boy it sure was. The texture was soft, and rich. The flavor to die for.

Seriously, Roy Shvartzapel made an amazing panettone! He clearly did his homework and made a top quality product. It was worth every penny.

Thank you From Roy for honoring our Italian tradition so well.

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