Reading List: Summer 2019

Listed below is my recommended reading for Summer 2019. The following books focus on historical fiction, non-fiction, and the life of a hitman. And my recommendation for Italian language readers. Each story is sure to keep your mind busy as you relax under the sun.

By Mark T. Sullivan

Based on a true story. This is an incredibly rich novel full of history wrapped in a riveting story of a young man’s experience during WWII in Nazi-occupied Milan. If you like history and a good coming-of-age story, this one is a must read.

Historical Fiction
ISBN-13: 978-1503943377
BORN A CRIME: Stories from a South African Childhood
By Trevor Noah

An incredible story by comedian and TV host Trevor Noah. Lighthearted with a mix of drama, Trevor describes his upbringing in a post-Apartheid South Africa.

ISBN-13: 978-0399588198
By Un-Su Kim

This debut novel by South Korean author Un-Su Kim follows a hitman as he uncovers the truth behind those that plot the targets.

ISBN-13: 978-0385544382


Because I don’t speak it often, I occasionally read an Italian novel to maintain or revive (or polish) my language skills. I will randomly share an Italian novel to encourage others, like me, to read one now and then.

By Paolo Stella

Written by actor and style blogger Paolo Stella. The story follows celebrity Franci has he reflects on his romantic relationship with fashion journalist Marti.

ISBN-13: 978-8804705215

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  1. I have Beneath a Scarlet Sky on my bookshelf and plan to read it this summer too. I listened to the audiobook Born a Crime by Noah Trevor and it was very good. He was an excellent narrator!

    1. Beneath A Scarlet Sky is a very good read. In addition to an incredible story, you learn a lot about that moment in Italian history. I believe it may be a film or mini-series soon. — Trevor Noah’s book will also be turned into a movie and I cannot wait to see it.

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