Researching and Waiting

book-2As I wait to get scooped up by some fantastic agent wanting to represent my novel, I am catching up on my reading from the library of some of my favorite storytellers: most recently, those of Fitzgerald and Hemingway. All the while, I am continuing along with my literary agent research and reaching out to any potentials.

More importantly, I’ve been getting the itch to tell another. Yes, I’ve been jotting down notes, making lists and writing blurbs for what I plan to become my next book or maybe just a short story. Who knows? I mean, I already know the stories I want to tell. I just don’t know which to tell first. And what I’m inspired to write now, may morph into something totally different. This is what happened during my writing process for THE LOVE FOOL. Unfortunately, I will not share what ideas I have going on just yet. It’s far too soon to share anything at all. Please allow me to write it first.

This is the non-writer writing again.
Just hoping the work improves along the way.

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