Revising: Should I change my ending?

20130319-074903.jpg My revisions have come to a close… sort of. I now have a second version of my original piece of work. This new version includes more background information on some parts of the story or characters that needed it – based on feedback by my first beta-readers; thus increasing the page numbers. I’m happy with that.

At the same time, I reformatted the flow of the story – or the way the story unfolds. I’ve now reached my closing three chapters  and I’m stuck with how I’ve ended my main story and the side stories. I realize that my initial ending may not match as well with this new reformatted story.

Although I don’t expect my book to be the most deep and thought provoking masterpiece, I still do intend to end it with something that will leave the reader thinking… something the reader can discuss in a book club or with a fellow reader. Doesn’t every creator want people talking about their works of art? No? Well, it may be my ego, but I definitely would love it! Ha! Call me a ridiculous perfectionist, but is anyone ever done revising? To keep me from going in circles, I decided to, again, step away from the project… only for a couple of days, I promise…. just to think my ending through… is my ending enough for this story? Maybe I should leave that question for my new beta-reader.

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