Reviving My Motivation To Write

20131023-081208.jpgI returned from Denmark a couple of weeks ago. After reflecting on my discoveries, I am now motivated to get back to my novel and complete the final edits/inclusions – in preparation for sharing with a professional that would kindly oblige to reading it.

Truthfully, I want to be done with this project. The story is complete and I’m ready to move on to other ideas. But it breaks my heart to just abandon a piece I’ve worked on for so long. And I would hate myself for losing that motivation (again) and abandoning the manuscript altogether. I almost did it, until I took this much-needed trip.

It was my first time in Denmark and I took the time to dive into the food culture; which relates strongly to one of my main characters. I’m glad I did it. There is so much more material I cannot wait to add to my story. My motivation to write (and complete this) has been revived. Back to the keyboard!

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