Round 1 has begun: Copy Edits

Hey all,

So I’ve officially started round 1 of the book production process. Earlier this week, I received the style sheet and editing notes from my assigned copy editor, Pam. I’ve started going through the notes last night and they are great!

So, again I’m going through The Love Fool manuscript. And this process seems to be moving along well. I started tackling the edits and stopped at an important note on page 40; a minor timeline issue that I will need to iron out. I’ll get back to work at this after my day job And I plan to complete the whole thing this weekend.

On another note, the book cover is getting a refreshed look and design. We’re almost there. So, be on the lookout for an announcement on the new official cover later this month.

Exciting times, people!
-Lorenzo [the author]

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