The struggles of writing in my spare time

Many part time writers can tell you how difficult it is to set time aside to practice their craft. And many times before have I stated I’m not a real writer. So not being a real writer, combined with working at it in my spare time, makes working on this hobby even more of a struggle.

I try to schedule time; and I try to sort out what I’d be working on in those times. But it’s also difficult to force the creative side of your brain to work at a specific time.

So, instead of forcing what I think I should be working on, I decided to make it easier on myself and flow with what pops into my head. And, it seems that my new characters are taking over my thoughts; or that my mind is first focusing on these new characters.

Now, I do have an idea of the type of story I want to write. And I have an idea of the setting; well, sort of have an idea on the setting. And, I’m hoping that as I fine tune the personality traits, history, and dialogue of these few characters, all will fall into place. Right?

Hope; such a strong word.

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