Traditional or Self-Publishing? That is the Question.

questionAs I finally re-approach my editing/polishing of my novel, the options of publishing come into mind.

Do I, a non-professional-first-time-novel-writer, even bother to attempt to get the interest of a literary agent? Does someone like me even have a chance in getting his book published via the traditional route? Or do I take the easy route and self-publish, just to get the book out there in reader’s hands?

My initial thought, when first getting this book going, was to at least try for an agent. Send out the queries and see if anyone would respond. Of course, it’s a much longer process, but it may well be worth it. Even to get the “no” is worth it. I don’t think I could self-publish without at least trying. I know I would regret it.

I’m sure a lot of these thoughts go through the mind of many writers. And I welcome any advice, tips or experience-based knowledge and insight on the topic.

OK, enough distractions and back to my edits. More details coming soon.

2 Replies to “Traditional or Self-Publishing? That is the Question.”

  1. Agent and getting it published seems like the best route. Even if you try for a year and don’t succeed the way you will learn so much about the industry. It could even help you for either self-publishing this book or finding a publishing deal for your next book.

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