Greetings, future readers of The Love Fool (A Rome-antic Comedy)!

I’m sure, like me, you are all dying to get your hands on THE LOVE FOOL. But in a world of instant gratification, some things are worth the classic wait. We have to keep in mind the fortunate success THE LOVE FOOL funding campaign achieved. I’m happy to be able to say that my novel will be published. And it is all with the help of my supporters – some of whom will read this.

Inkshares is a small publishing outfit pushing out a good amount of books, all of which are funded by readers like you. I appreciate my collaboration with Inkshares as I know they will be taking the steps needed to get the most polished work in your hands. And these steps take time. If you’re interested to know more about book publishing process and steps a book goes through with Inkshares, please check out their blog post here.

Where is THE LOVE FOOL in all this? Well, I know that it is in line behind other books that have been funded before me. And, Inkshares is getting through their list. I support small business and am confident that Inkshares will take their time to make sure THE LOVE FOOL is presented in impeccable shape. Afterall, this is why I went this route to publish THE LOVE FOOL, rather than simply self-publishing. I want that other set of professional eyes to go through and make sure THE LOVE FOOL is presented to you and the public with prestigious and impeccable quality.

With all that said, it’s looking like THE LOVE FOOL could come to you in mid-late 2017; but I will update you with a confirmed release date as soon as I get my production schedule.

Your ever grateful author,
Lorenzo il Magnifico

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