Writing: I’m going to go insane.

So, I’m attempting to write a new story. This time I’m trying to delve into the world of noir fiction. I’ve got my characters in order, I think. And I’ve got an incident, I think. But, I’m confident I have my place… well, I think. I know, I don’t sound too confident in any of it, do I?

That’s because, based on my experience in writing The Love Fool, what I set out to write will probably morph into its own thing; and take a life of its own. Just know that my intention on this go around is noir type fiction.

Unfortunately, this new writing is slow moving. Mainly because I don’t have the free time I was fortunate to take when I started The Love Fool. What I have written so far has become stagnant; or I guess it’s at a lull. I felt like I hit a wall with the path I was creating for these new awesome characters.

But finally, just the other day, in fact, something hit me. I came up with a way to move my stagnant characters along. I quickly wrote it down and felt at peace. However, I know that these small amounts of time I have to work on this new writing is making it difficult to continue moving things along, and prolonging what I hope to be my second story.

And I’ve been finding myself asking: Can I make this a book? Or will this be a shorter story? Maybe a novella? Who knows?

Maybe what I need is to escape again; take a little writing break somewhere. Just to get a good momentum on this new story. I don’t think I can afford to take another 4 months; but wouldn’t that be great?

Oh! And adding to this stress is the pains of waiting for The Love Fool publication; which, I can say, we should be hearing about that soon.

To all of the writers out there: How do you do it? And how do you not go insane?


4 Replies to “Writing: I’m going to go insane.”

  1. Like so many creative endeavors, writing comes in fits and starts; it’s rarely a smooth, steady process. You just need to relax and trust your muse. The ideas will occur in their own time. You can’t hurry your characters — they wlll let you know when they are ready to act. Your job is to “stay open.”
    You are not going insane, Lorenzo….pazienza!

  2. As you know, I am not a writer, but I do completely understand the desire and need for space, time to retreat and let the creative juices simmer, to give room for inspiration that can thrive only after exhaustion has subsided.
    Four months… I would do it. A little villa, perhaps by the sea, meet for breakfast, long dinners of an evening and passagiatas to share what we developed during our day?
    It’s been so long since you had your break, Lorenzo, and lord knows I need one too.
    Sabbatical time?

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