Writing: Sorting Through My Notes and Ideas

I’m preparing, sorting and reviewing my notes to tackle the book writing thing again. Yes, readers – I’m hoping to punch out my second book.

I’ve got plenty of notes, and plenty of ideas, to help me formulate a specific type of story. Sure, what I intend to write may not be the final outcome – stories and characters sometime grow a mind of their own. Okay, I know as the writer and creator that would be my own fault but, one never knows where ideas take him.

So, I have my notes – as pictured – but at the moment, I’m thinking of a specific scene that I know I want in this story. I’m looking at this scene from all different angles and trying to think of the best way to present it in the story; the best way that would give the reader the emotion I want to trigger.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about the scene – how it could play out in different ways – and adding details at every thought session. At the moment, I’ve only written a skeleton of this particular scene, and plan to build the new story off of this; hoping it will help get my writing going.

As a reminder, although I have one book under my belt – The Love Fool – I still have no clue as to what I’m doing. I’ve just got to get writing.

End note: I should probably work on giving myself a deadline… to prevent me from distraction thus postpone this writing for much longer.

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