Crash and Lose

lightWhat do you do when you turn on your computer to find it has crashed? And even though you saved as you worked, the file you worked on was not saved, because of said crash? And you try everything in your power to recover said file, only to discover it is gone, forever?

Of course, one would suggest the back-up files.

Well, what happens when your computer didn’t perform its daily, weekly back-ups, and you foolishly let that go – thinking you’re safe because you saved as you worked?

The answer: You slap yourself in the face and bang your head on the wall. Yup. All my recent edits I worked on are gone. Fortunately – because I have to find a bright side – I did keep hand written notes on a lot of what I did, but not all.

Needless to say, I have suffered a set back in the final version. Hence a slight delay in submitting this work. Not to worry though. I’m done freaking out. Now, it’s time to tackle this one last time. To be continued.

Has anyone else suffered this type of cruel torture? #amateurwriter

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