Future Travel Note: Return to Milan

Hello readers,

I’m just noting another top city I’d like to go back to on my next trip to Italy: Milan. Many years have gone by since I last visited the grand Duke of a city in the north. And many more years have gone by since I had first step foot there as a student in 1996.

I remember those days back in the mid-90s when life was so free and exciting and we all had very little problems because we were young and foolish. In our prime, we explored and caused havoc while looking fabulous and blending in with the classy Milanese crowd. Good times indeed.

It was my first time seeing the flip side of the Italy of which I was familiar — the south. It was the first time experiencing a whole different side to the beautiful country that I had known since I was 11 years old. The north seemed more organized and it made me feel a bit more at home (coming from New England). The people were dressed impressively and they had a hint of snobbery, but I was comfortable with it all. It didn’t matter to me then. Will it matter now? Does that even exist anymore? I don’t know, but I’d like to find out.

I’d like to go back, and plan to do so this year. I’d like to revisit where I used to live: on via Giovanni Battisa Morgagni — just around the corner from Corso Buenos Aires. And I’d like to view the massive Duomo, maybe get the courage to go to its roof (or maybe not because heights are just not my thing); and walk through the Galleria or peruse the shops on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

I’d like to stroll the Parco Sempione again — during daylight. I’d like to don my best attire and strut down Montenapoleone — where I had once inadvertently ended up walking within the security circle of the beautiful Claudia Schiffer, as we were surrounded people clamoring for her autograph. It was the 90s era of the supermodel, after all. True story.

I’d like to, maybe, catch another performance at La Scala. I remember that being an extraordinary experience: From our seats in the balcony box, we watched Italy’s famous ballet dancer Carla Fracci. I may still have the program for that performance. I’d like to hang out in the Brera or somewhere new, and maybe enjoy an evening apperitivo with an Americano – my favorite of Italy’s famous cocktails. There is so much that I need to do.

Milan, I’ll be coming back for you soon. Be ready.

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