I Guess I Now Know My Writing Method

It’s amazing how my new story is taking shape. And I think I’ve figured out my writing method and procedure that helps me create.

With my first upcoming novel THE LOVE FOOL (A ROME-antic Comedy), I really didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to write a story and possibly provide enough material to make it long enough to become a book. And I am still surprised I reached that accomplishment. I don’t think I can say that enough.

As I sit down and work on ideas and potential path for my new story, and new characters, I can now say that I know and am aware of my writing method: I write down my idea in separate documents or notes, then got back and add more to create a story.

I think of scenes and what my characters are doing in those scenes. But, when the ideas come to me, they don’t come to me in any order.

For example, I will think of some random situation that I know  or hope I want to happen to my character(s) and I’ll write it all out; not knowing when in the story the situation would take place. I just know that the scene is inspiring and want it to be in the story somehow. These burst can be a basic blurb to a full 2-3 pages, sometimes more.

Sometimes, I even guide myself to think of specific scenes needed. Meaning: if I want my character or story to do something specific or go somewhere specific, I simply try to answer why? and how?. 

The first question is always: how? For example, if I know I want my character to be in a certain place at a certain time, I have to ask myself: how did he get there? and then: why did he go? So, I run through different ideas in my head… and I keep running different ideas until I can play it all out in my head. Then I write them all down, put the notes aside, and get back to them later.

I keep thinking about different options or answers. I put different scenarios in there. And keep them apart. And, that is how other ideas come to mind.

After a while, I realize I have all these different scenes, that I can begin to shift them in some order and work off that. I just sit down and look at all of them, I begin to weave the timeline or flow. And, it definitely feels like I’m weaving when creating the story in between.

These scenes do end up getting moved around as I continue along adding depth to characters and, most importantly, shaping the plot.

It is also important to note, that although I have a particular plot in mind, as I’m writing and weaving and shifting scenes around, and adding more to my characters, the plot most likely adapts or changes altogether.

It wouldn’t be until I get about 2/3 into it, that I am comfortable enough to share what the new story is actually about. So, for now, please don’t expect an answer to that question, because I really can’t tell what my new story is about specifically. I just know what I’m intending to write. We shall see what is created in the end.

Is there a name for this method? I assume there is.

[March 2017]

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