MILAN: Ginseng Coffee Break

Caffè al ginseng is the trendy espresso with added health benefits.

[Milan, November 2017] – An afternoon coffee break in the Brera introduced me to caffè al ginseng – a coffee trend that had invaded the bars of Milan (and probably trickling throughout the rest of Italy).

Most likely influenced by the popular Eastern practice of incorporating the herb in teas, this ground espresso includes crystals of dried ginseng extract mixed into the blend [pictured].

Caffè al ginseng with torta caprese bianco al limone e mandorle.

The ginseng gives this coffee its own distinct flavor; herbal and almost nutty, with a somewhat natural sweetness – eliminating the need to add sugar. Of course, if you prefer a very sweet coffee, add the sugar; but know that you would probably need less than your usual amount.

This coffee is marketed as the alternative with ginseng’s added health benefits for digestion and stress. In addition, ginseng is known to be a natural energy-booster, pumping up the jolt in this special espresso.

The ginseng coffee trend has been spreading, including overseas. The espresso blend and coffee pods can be found online. If you know of any places or specialty shops that offer caffè al ginseng, please share in comments below.

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