REDISCOVERING MILAN: Three days of cocktails & art

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[13 December 2017] – It had been ten years since I last visited Milan, and I know a lot had changed. Including new neighborhoods that apparently popped up – some as a result of the famous EXPO in 2015.

My trip was to reacquaint myself with this bustling city, and to explore the modern cocktail culture by partaking in the custom of Italian/Milanese aperitivo hour. I didn’t get to do everything on my list – but that only gives me a reason to return, again. And as an added bonus, I also took in some amazing art at classic and new museums around town.

This blog series will be separated into six parts, and two additional bonus features. I will be posting every two days, beginning on Saturday, December 16. I hope you enjoy your read.

-Lorenzo Petruzziello


  1. MILAN: Navigli nights and Mag Cafe
  2. BONUS: FARMILY: A small batch modern Italian botanical spirit
  3. MILAN: Navigli nights continued
  4. MILAN: Bar Barba and crudo
  5. BONUS: MILAN: Ginseng Coffee Break
  6. MILAN: A Nonna-style lunch
  7. MILAN: Classic art and risotto
  8. MILAN: Campari Gallery and the Isola district
  9. MILAN: A pastel cafe and contemporary art
  10. MILAN: A corner gin bar
  11. BONUS: MILAN: Nostalgia and rediscovery

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