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Many have been asking me “What’s going on with the book?” and “When do we get to read it?” Well, as many of you may know, I have been working hard on getting the work polished to a level that I think is decent and acceptable to share with others. And now, after many thorough editing processes, I feel that the book is ready to share! But, not yet available. I know, it’s frustrating.

In addition to reaching out to literary agents with the hope at traditional publishing, I have also been researching methods and author experiences in going the route of self-publishing. Basically, looking at all potential methods of getting this book out to people – because it is damn ready to be read!

In my research, I’ve discovered Inkshares – a crowd-funding site for publishing. And I think this may be the perfect medium for my book.

If you’ve already placed a pre-order, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Here’s how it works:
My project, tentatively titled “The Love Fool”, is now live on Inkshares. The first 600 words is available as a free preview so you can get an idea of the fun-filled, light read that it is.

Readers, like you, would follow or pre-order the book on Inkshares. Once, the book has hit a certain threshold of pre-orders, Inkshares will be my publisher: manage editing, design, printing and marketing for the book.

What convinced me to try out Inkshares is their distribution partnership with Ingram – the major distributor of books to the retail market/booksellers. Published Inkshares books are available on Amazon, iBooks and at book stores, such as Barnes & Noble and independent shops.

But, of course, I have to reach my pre-order threshold to let Inkshares know that there is interest in the book (or a guaranteed number of sales). If “The Love Fool” does not reach its publishing threshold, all pre-orders are fully refunded.

How To Pre-Order: Quick and Simple
Simply go to my book project page, choose a pre-order option, and follow the instructions.

The process:

  1. Enter email address
  2. Enter credit card details
  3. Enter shipping address (if you’ve ordered a printed copy)
  4. Order confirmed!

NOTE: Pre-ordering is safe. Inkshares uses Stripe; which is a payment portal used by many major companies including Facebook, OpenTable, Pinterest, Twitter and Lyft.

I’ve given this project six months to reach its goal/threshold. If it doesn’t reach its goal by September 23, 2016, then your pre-order will get fully refunded by Inkshares.

So, please pre-order THE LOVE FOOL and help me get published.Spread the word and tell all your friends – maybe one of them would like it. Or pre-order as a gift for someone you know. And if you are an Inkshares member, please “Follow” the book to help increase its presence.

Oh, you need a link? Here you go – Click here!

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