Tasting Copenhagen: First Taste

I recently returned from my first visit to Copenhagen. The main focus of my trip was to visit my friend Pernille, and finally fulfill part of one of my childhood dreams to see Scandinavia (land of trolls and vikings). More importantly, I wanted to explore Danish culture and cuisine for my novel (in progress). And, to my pleasant surprise, this city was filled with delicious culinary wonder.

Copenhagen is the birthplace of Carlsberg beer , Lego and home to NOMA – the world’s best restaurant, popularizing the new Nordic food movement. On this trip, I learned that the Danes also pride themselves on farm-to-table feasting. Yes, they too honor their country’s resources and delicacies with delicious foods from the traditional and simple smørrebrød to the modern and ‘gourmet’ style served with steak tartare and house-pickled herring.

My first Danish feast started with a home cooked meal of traditional dishes prepared by my friend Pernille. On her quirky designed table setting featuring plastic pigs and Lego army men, Pernille served us some of Denmark’s traditional foods including hakkebøf (hamburger steak) and Rødgrød med fløde (red berry purée with cream). While her husband Peter shared an assortment of locally crafted beer to accompany each dish.

This incredible meal also included juicy slices of Stegt flæsk – fried slices of thick bacon; which was my first introduction to the Danes love of pork. Yes, to my pleasant surprise I learned that Danish cuisine features a lot of the succulent white meat; from bacon and chops to sausages and street served hot dogs.

More on what I tasted in Copenhagen to follow.

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