Show, don’t tell


“Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Show” is one of the most important tips I received thus far in editing my book. More than one of my beta-readers offered me this word of advice and I stored it in my head, waiting to make the time to jump back onto this project.

Once I finally sat down to commence the current revision, I focused on where in my book I was telling and not showing. Mostly in the flashbacks. Rather than tell a story, my readers wanted to experience it – as most readers do prefer.

As I convert those specific portions to experiential reading, I notice the improvement in my story. It makes for a more exciting read! I mean I’m sure it’s no Hemingway, but wow, what a difference!

I am eager to begin sharing some of my first work and am thinking about ways to do so. For now, I have to test your patience – my apologies.

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