Tasting San Juan, Puerto Rico – Day 5

mayorca-KasaltaApril 21, 2013: My final day in San Juan. It’s been a while since I’ve had fruit. For some reason, fruit is hard to come by in restaurants… or they are hiding them from tourists – ha! I managed to snag the last fruit cup that morning (pictured) – take that!

Later, some of us took another stroll through Old San Juan and stumbled upon a beautiful aroma of coffee emanating from Cuarto Sombras Cafe. We popped in and ordered immediately. I had a silky smooth espresso macchiato accompanied by a panetela de guayaba. (pictured)

That evening, some friends wanted to go out for a last meal in San Juan. I suggested we return to where I experienced one of my favorite dishes on the food tour. Intrigued, they agreed and we set off to find La Cueva del Mar, where we excitingly feasted on seafood specialities including those delicious Grouper fish tacos. After our incredible seafood feast, my friends took me for a lovely dessert at the famous Kasalta bakery, where I feasted on that delicious Mayorca bread pictured above.


OVERALL, my top 3 Favorite Bites on this trip

Best Fish Tacos
Grouper Fish Tacos @ La Cueva Del Mar
Best Dessert: TIE
Diplo @ La Jaquita Baya
Panetola de guayaba @ throughout the city
Best Snack
Mayorca bread @ Kasalta and throughout the city

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